Sunday, May 13, 2007

Is Will Ferrell the new Chevy Chase?

So this is my latest attempt at keeping a blog going. Previous incarnations have focused on me, but in this one I shall babble away about sports, pop culture, and maybe even throw in a dash of politics. All of which will be tremendously enthralling to those fortunate enough to find this page.

The first topic is something that has been in my head for some time. Will Ferrell - is he the new Chevy Chase? Consider: They both started on Saturday Night Live, the both play(ed) bumbling fools (to be sure, Ferrell's characters are more bombastic), and as far as their movie careers go - well, early on in his career, Chase had "Foul Play", which was a decent flick and didn't typecast him as the glib, klutzy fool that he enjoyed with great success in Vacation and Caddyshack. "Stranger Than Fiction" may very well be Ferrell's "Foul Play" - but it was followed up by "Blades of Glory", in which he is once again typecast into a role similar to those he played in Anchorman/Old School/ Talladega Nights.

There is one difference between the two - I enjoyed Chase's SNL work a lot more than Ferrell's. I suspect that among the 40 and under crowd that is a minority view. After all, I was 5 in Chevy's only year on SNL, instead I watched the "Best of" tape many times as a teenager. Ferrell was on while I was in my 20's and early 30's, which would coincide with the time that one's tastes might take one away from the show...although, to be fair, I have watched some recent shows and find them to be an improvement on the Jimmy Fallon/Horation Sanz/Cheri Oteri/Molly Shannon years.

Bu to get back to my point, I do see a strong similarity in the careers of Ferrell and Chase. Ferrell might be able to parlay his success in "Stranger Than Fiction" into roles that are less over-the-top, and perhaps follow the Adam Sandler career arc...but if he takes a leading role in Blades of Glory II, then I doubt it.

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