Sunday, June 3, 2007

Childhood Poesy

Saw a birdie flying by
It went poopie in my eye
I'm a big boy, I don't cry
But thank the Lord that cows don't fly!

Random Sunday thought

Been a while since I wrote anything. I don't have any ideas for a full-length posts, but here is a feather I found floating in the windblown plains of my mind...

Back in, oh, probably March, Baseball Prospectus, a leading proponent of Sabermetrics, posited that the Chicago White Sox, just a year removed from winning the World Series, would post a record of 72-90. Naturally, team management and the Windy City media decried the prediction by maligning the source. it's been a common theme in baseball over the past 2 decades, "baseball lifers" denouncing those who use stats as being people who "don't watch the game" (laughable, since they watch a helluva lot of baseball), and don't consider "intangibles" such as chemistry and clutch hitting (party true - there are statistical analyses done to measure players performance in 'clutch' situations, but 'team chemistry' is pretty indefinable). Said 72-90 record translates to a winning percentage of .444. After dropping 3 of 4 games to my beloved Blue Jays this weekend, the Sox records stands at a not-so-gaudy 25-27, for a percentage of .481. Not as poor as what BP predicted, but certainly not what the White Sox were predicting for themselves, either. BP's prediction was based in part on the team's star players aging poorly, and so far that has happened. Maybe those computer nerds that sit in their underwear and spend all day on the computer in their parents' basements can teach the baseball lifers a thing or two about the game...