Friday, May 18, 2007


I have been a fan of Stephen Colbert ever since I first saw him and Steve Carell do their "Even Stevphen" shtick on the Daily Show. Naturally, I am a fan of his current show, the Colbert Report. While I think it's very funny, I know a couple of people, my girlfriend included, that don't share my enthusiasm. This morning, as I woke up, realizing that our office is closed today and that I really should get some more sleep, the first thing that went through my head was Robert Smith's voice parodying a classic Cure song - "Friday, I'm in Bed" was the new version. The second thing that made it's way through the morass of my noggin was the realization that what makes Colbert so successful, and what will separate his show from Fox News' upcoming liberal parody show is that Colbert is mocking the (politically) far right, however the people he is mocking have a much stronger voice both in conservative politics and U.S. policy, while the far left liberals that Fox wants to make fun of don't have nearly as strong an influence on US policy or Democratic policy. This is why the Fox parody won't have nearly the appeal that Colbert's show has.

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